Ontario Northern Triangle

A motorcycle club for members 40 years and over!!!

Club Breakfast
4th Sunday, 9:00 AM

Bayside Restaurant

500 Atherley Rd. Orillia, ON L3V 7Y1
(705) 325-3504

If not local member, contact Rep to verify time and location!

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      Canadian Director: Brian Jarvis                   Email ONT Area Reps     Ontario Regional Director: Peter Ibbotson           Email ONT Assistant Reps
      O.N.T. Area Rep:       J Allan Howard         Email ONT Area Reps

     O.N.T. Assistant Reps:
Jack & Joanne Agolini     Email ONT Assistant Reps

     O.N.T. Newsletter Editor: Bill Hobson            Email ONT Assistant Reps

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Last updated Nov 2015.